Rene Fournier invites you to the RF 01 first flight 50th birthday.

Fifty years ago, Rene Fournier first flew his RF01. As you are a RF motorglider lover, the CFI and Rene Fournier are pleased to invite you to celebrate this exceptional birthday from June 14th 2010 to June 19th.

What is the program?
All Worldwide Fournier pilots and their friends are expected at Gap (French Alps) on June 14th 2010. The event will take place at Cannes on June 16th, where the first flight took place in June 1960.
The commemoration flight starts from Gap to land at Cannes where a special reception is planned. All the European RF pilots will join this flight. The fleet will return to Gap on June 16th evening.
The Overseas CFI members who plan to join, are invited to declare their intention because the CFI wants to reserve places in two seater RFs for them. Gap to Cannes is about a one hour flight.
On June 18th, the fleet is invited to join Le Bourget near Paris. The goal is to recognise that Rene Fournier is a visionary designer when he imagined and built the RF 01. His motorglider formula is always one of the best to fly and to travel with the minimum of petrol. On June 19th and 20th the Green Aviation Show, will be held at Le Bourget. The Show Management has invited Rene and all the RF who can join, to salute Rene’s vision for very economic aviation, fifty years ago.
The CFI proposes to the Overseas members to fly from Gap to Le Bourget in the two seaters RF. Depending on the weather conditions, this is about a 3 ½ hours flight.

The RF 01 first flight 50th birthday ends on June 19th, at the Green Aviation Show, with this special consecration to Rene.

How can Overseas CFI members declare their participation intention ?
Easy ! You just have to read the joining form to get all details and to inform the CFI at Paris with the answer page.

You all are welcome. Thank you to the country leaders to forward this invitation to all Fournier (and Ximango) lovers.

Michel Leblanc CFI President

Click on links below for more info. (download and save the files) 50th 2010.xls travel France 2010.doc Members USA.xls form 50th To return.doc form 50th.doc