Fornier RF4D

Fournier RF4Ds in the USA
RF4D World
Christian Zok's RF4D #4038
Dann Parks RF4D #4051
Alfred Scherer's RF4D #4060
Collin's RF4D #4065
Bob Grimstead's RF4D #4093
Steve Beaver's RF4D #4114
Joe Foley's RF4D #4116
John Buckner's RF4D #4122
Bob Jennson's RF4D #4138
Mira Slovak's RF4D
john bukner, collin gyenes, fournier, rf4-d
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
John Buckner and Collin Gyenes mid 70's Long Beach, CA
Collin Gyenes & Bob Brock 2015
Bert Buytendyk
Bert Buytendyk of Sport-Aviation with 3 new RF4D Wooster, Ohio
Charlie Webber N7723 #4089
(owned for 43 years)
Bishop, California Dec 1971
(George Uveges Photo)
fournier rf4-d
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D N2179
Fornier RF4D
Chuck White #4058 and Floyd Snyder #4050
N55JH in Back Ground Long Beach California mid '70's
Charlie Gyenes Flying Charlie Webber's RF4D
#4059 Picture taken 11-24-68 by William A. Oats
N3476 #4116
Maybe the first RF4 in the USA
Fournier RF4D N41JL
Fournier RF4D
john buckner, fournier
Fournier RF4D
Mira Slovak RF4D Fournier
Now N41JL # 4117
N7726 was owned by Revmaster for testing there first aircraft engines

John Buckner's N7725 #4122 May 2006

#4114 August 1975 now Steve Beaver's
Mira Slovak, St. Louis August 1969 (Now N41JL)
N7723 & N7726 (N41JL) Flabob Airport
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
mira slovak, n1700, fournier
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
N7719 was the first RF-4D in the U.S. Imported by Burt Buytendyk. The color was white w/ green trim. N7719 was lost in fire in the late 70's.
Charlie Webber, John Buckner, Mark Lambie and Mike Bittner 1974

Mt Rubidoux, Riverside California

Flabob Airport

Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D Peter Garrison Phil Paul  
Swan Person #4066
Paul Jackson's #4107 N30X #4107 (was F-OGDO)
Peter Garrison and Phil Paul 1969
Link to Flying Magazine May 1969
Fournier RF4D
Fournier RF4D
fournier, n2188 rf4d
Fournier RF4D
N7726 now N41JL was Jack Lambie's (Mark Lambie Flying)
#4121 now in California
Mike Bittner flying N2188 #4051 now owned by Dann Parks
#4057 1968

Early Picture of N7723 #4089

February 1970

Mira Slovak's N1700 #4064 at Museum of Flight Seattle Washington Mid 90's
N2185 #4076 Was owned by Richard Bach and Mira Slovak now owned by Joe Foley
N1771 Merrill Field Alaska 1982, now is in Arizona. Picture taking by Walter Berner


(George Uveges Dec '71)


Fornier RF4D Phil paul .


Collin Gyenes's RF4D #4065 (was Jerry Rollers)
4120 (Mexico)
Phil Paul
Was Chuck White's. Mr. White owned this RF4 for over 35 years and flew over it 6,500 hours. (N7720) now (VH-TKD #4058)
November 1971

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