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The Milan is a RF4 fuselage with a 15m Scheibe SF-27M wing. 12 built, 3 in the U.S. (27+4=31)

Wing Span 49ft 2.5in (15m)
Empty Weight 661lb (300kg)
Gross Weight 946lb (430kg)
Max Cruise Speed 112mph (180km/h)
Economy Cruise (100mph) (160km/h)
Stall Speed 43.5mph (70km/h)
Service Ceiling 19.700ft (6,000m)
Range Max Fuel (415miles) (670km)
Engine 39hp Rectimo 4 AR 1200cc
L/D 29:1

First Flight January 8 1969


#6601 Dave Milner's Milan with a Hoffman Feathering Propeller. #6605 N55JC Robin Fjellström's Milan #6602
Manfred Peters #6601 Webber Gear mod #6602
1970 #6603 N55JC with a Great Plains Oil Cooler mount N55JC #6602

.PDF of the Milan Brochure

From Sailplane & Glider magazine December 1969-Janurary 1970


Test flown w/ reg # D-KIRL, UK agent (Brian Stevens) of Sportair in the cockpit

Soaring April 1971



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