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Mira looking over N1700 before the Atlantic crossing
Mike Bittner, Jack Lambie and Charlie Webber. 70's
Alfred Scherer and Rene Fournier
Rene Fournier, Sept. 06
Mike Bittner, Mark Lambie, John Buckner, Charlie Webber, Charlie Gyenes and Maurie Gyenes. RF5B N55JH and the only time these 4 RF4Ds gathered in California. N2188, N7723, N7725 and N41JL
Jerry Roller Santa Paula, CA
Ed Bjornurd and Christan Zok
Mira Slovak & Dan Coy with Steve Beaver's RF4
Bob Grimstead
Manfred Petry
Rene Founier and Patrick Faucheron
Alfons Pützer, Phil Paul, Jean D'Ottrepp and Charlie Gyenes. Long Beach, CA
Chris Riley Breighton Airfield, Yorkshire
Alfred Scherer and Rene Fournier
Sophie Gyenes in N2188
Christan Zok and Alferd Scherer
John Buckner and Collin Gyenes 1974
Mark Lambie N41JL
Vidar Olav Haugen
Charlie Gyenes and Charlie Webber
Rene Fournier and Jean Michel Daubagna
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