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List of Serial numbers for the Fournier line up



RF3 D-KIKI website

Museum of Flight Seattle, Washington

Web page of Bob Grimstead's RF4D

FAA AC 61-94
(motorglider endorsement)
Formation fly-by at GAP France (youtube)
CFI Italian Meeting Rieti 2007 low pass RF5 and RF4 Video (youtube)
Formation with Fournier a RF4D (youtube)
Read "Thirty-Six Horsepower Over The Atlantic" By Mira Slovak
RF Main List, See if your RF is on the list
info on Motorglider endorsements
Formaltion with a RF3 (youtube)
Formation RF4 and Piper Cub (youtube) Steve Beaver and Joe Foley
Perth RED BULL Video of Bob filmed by Mick Poole
Bob Grimstead Video at RED BULL

Skyhawks Videos and pictures

CFI World Days on Jean-Michel's gallery
Peter Küppers photo album
UK Founiers
2007 GAP Pictures
Fournier Forum
Crosswind landing in RF4D Pilot Bob Grimstead, Camera work by Bob Hart
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