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Air Progress 1979 by Jack Lambie


Private Pilot February 1976 by Shirley Clark


Soaring April 1986 by J.C. Treager Gilbert

Sport Flying May 1968 by George H. Budde


Flying May 1969 N1771 by Peter Garrison


AOPA January 1977 by Don Downie


Sport Aviation 1974 Limbach Engines

Sport Flying May 1968, Pilot Report RF4

Aviation Yearbook 1976 by Jack Lambie


Flying February 1977

Sport Aviation 1984 Limbach Engines

Mira Slovak by Richard Bach

Air Progress September 1971 by James Gilbert


The Plain Dealer May 1969

F-BMKA RF4 Prototype

Pilot Sept. 2009
by Bob Grimstead

Fournier RF4D

Gliding April 2000

Sportavia RF5B Jack Lambie

Soaring March 1981 by Jack Lambie
(RF5B flight from California to Paraguay)

The Flyer March 1968

Aviasport - Rassemblement 2007


Pilotweb RF4D G-AVWY

Pilot July 1970 by Mike Holtby

Mira Slovak Fournier RF4D

Newspaper clipping of Mira's crossing

Rene Fournier

Aviasport - Interview Rene Fournier 2007


AOPA July 1968 N1771 by Don Downie

Fournier RF4D

Pilot 2005 by Bob Grimstead

Fournier RF3

Flight International RF3

Mira Slovak Fournier RF4D

Aviasport - Voyage Mira Slovak 2007

Link to Bucker/RF4D Article

Fournier RF4

Flying March 1967 RF4

Fournier RF5

Flight International RF5 July 1976

Sportavia RF5B

July 2005

Aviasport - Constructeur 2007

EAA Online Article on the Revmaster 2300cc engine

Jane's RF5 and RF5B

Fournier RF2

Jane's RF2 1962

Sportavia Milan SFS 31

Jane's Sportavia Milan SFS 31 1973

Fournier RF47

Pilot Magazine Fouriner RF47

Jane's RF4D 1969

Fournier RF3

Air Pictorial Alpavia Avoin-Planeur RF3

Fournier RF1

Fournier RF1

Fournier RF4D

Soaring July 1968 RF4D

From Soaring Magzine March 1968

Aeromodeller - Fournier RF4D

Fournier RF4D

ParisTo Brazzaville
By Bernard Chauvreau


Fournier RF4D

Pilot Magazine
Flying A Fournier To Bravaria
February 1973
By John Barrett


Pilot Magazine
From Dawn To Dusk Competition
March 1971
by Bill Goldstraw

Pilot Magazine
Fournier In The UK
August 1968

Fournier RF4D

RF4D Buyers Guide

Fournier RF

Fournier Days 2007
Light Aviation Magazine
April 2008
By Dave Bland

Plaisir et Avantages
Mars 2008
by Michel LeBlanc

Pilot Magazine Article Perfecting the Sequence April 2011

Fournier RF4D

Pilot Magazine Article February 2011



PDF of the RF5B borchure

Limbach Borchure

Fournier RF4D

Pilot February 2009

Upside Down Over London

By Bob Grimstead

Sportavia RF5B

Soaring May 2012
"Iron Thermal" Flock to Minden, Nevada
By Richard Pearl

Fournier RF4

Pilot Magazine
By Bob Grimstead

Pilot Magazine March 2012
Hercules Propellers
By Bob Grimstead

Aerobatics Fournier RF4D

Pilot Magazine Spring 2012
Formation Areobatics
By Bob Grimstead

Letov LF-107 Lunák

Soaring Magazine February '75

Link to Sport Aviation July 2012


Touring Motorgliders
Soaring Magazine December 2009

Soaring Magazine December 1996

Soaring Magazine May 1972

Soaring May 1983

Soaring September 1989
Grob 109

AS-K 14

58 Miles per Gallon

Soaring March 1974

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