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July 1st, On the way to pick up 2182.. First I flew to Buffalo, New York then a cab ride to Batavia, New York where N2182 has be based for 37 years. To get ready for the trip first thing was fix the flat tire. That was fun only having a car scissors jack. Then I install a 17 amp battery and a ELT. On the first landing the both bungees broke. I called John Buckner (RF-4D owner since '74) for some advise. He recommended to re rap the bungee using 1/4" (6mm)bungee from the local hardware store. I was lucky Jerry had used 1/4' bungees to hold the covers on. The re rap worked good. Later that day I was ready to start my first cross country with an RF-4D. The first day was only one hour to Gowanda, New York. Gowanda's grass strip is very well kept.

The next day stopped in Lawrence, Pennsylvania for fuel than to Wooster, Ohio to visit Bert Buytendyk. Burt Imported the first RF-4D (N7719 #4049) to the US. He also import Zlins and mix of 25 RF-4D, SGS 31 Milan and RF-5B Motorgliders. After the visit I flew five more hours with a fuel stop Huntington, Indiana. While flying near Lacon, Illinois just passing the Mississippi River the engine started to loose power. I was 20 miles from the airport I planing to fly to. There was an airport Marshall Co. in Lacon, IL 7 miles to the southeast so I headed there safely landed. The carburetor had iced up. That was my last leg of the day.

I got up early and walked to the airport from the motel. Re installed the battery after a night of charging. Re stuffed my baggage in the plane a ready for day three. First stop of the day ended up being Burlington, IA do to thunderstorms. Waited a few hours and the weather cleared. A quick stop in Winterset, Iowa, Seward, Nebraska, Sharp airport Ord, NE. And stayed the night in Alliance, NE. The mid west is hot and humid!

Day 4. A early start with a fuel stop in Camp Guernsey, Wyoming. Then off to the high altitude part of the trip. Rawlins, Wyoming is 6813 ft. (2077m) height and density altitude 9,100 when I left. The ground roll was almost 4,000 ft. On crosswind I found a thermal and climbed to 9,000 in few minutes, Then flew to the other side of town and found anther thermal and went up to 11,000. Then started my way to Rock Springs Wyoming. Worked one more thermal to 13,000 ft. Landed at Rock Springs for fuel and some flight planing. Density altitude was 9,500. I knew the ground roll would be long and also would have to find a thermal to get to altitude to cross Rocky mountains. Flying into Idaho was very scenic. Landed at Bear Lake airport Paris, Idaho for fuel than off to Jerome, Idaho for the night. I used Jerome's airport courtesy car to go into town to and get a room .

Last day (almost) Fuel stop in Nampa, Idaho than to flew over the Snake river now I am in Oregon my home state. Climb to 8,500 ft. no thermals yet. Flying over Prineville I could see the cloud layer over the valley where I live. Landed at Prineville to call weather for a update. It was not going to clear. Then I had lunch. A hanger was offered (Thanks Brian) at Redmond airport flew over there and my wife drove 3 hours come get me. While waiting I visited Mountain High Oxygen, they have some nice 02 systems that will fit the RF-4D. Saturday my friend Rollie flew me to Redmond. The flight to my home base was easy only 110 miles (180 km). When I was over McMinnville I still was at 6,500 ft from crossing the Cascade mountains. I shout down the engine and enjoyed the quite flight. Restarted the engine and landed at McMinnville Airport. I am home!

Flying time was just over 35 hours.

Fuel burn was 2.3-2.7 gph.

2100 miles (3400 km)

Average speed 60 mph, do to head winds.

German Version

July 1 2006

Gowanda, NY. First Stop

Lawrence, PA. 2nd Stop

Wayne Co. Wooster, OH, 3rd Stop

Huntington, IN. 4th Stop

Collin and Bert Buytendyk. Wooster, OH. Burt imported the 1st. RF4 to the US (N7719 #4049)

Burlington, IA. 6th Stop

Seward, NE. 8th Stop

Marshall Co. Lacon, IL. 5th Stop

Winterset, IA. 7th Stop

Sharp-Ord, NE. 9th Stop

Alliance, NE. 10th Stop

Rawlins, WY. 6813 ft. (2077m) 12th Stop

Thermaling west of Rawlins

Between Rawlins and Rock Springs, WY

Rock Springs-Sweetwater, WY 6720ft. (2060m) 13th Stop

Bear Lake-Paris, ID. 14th Stop

Nampa, ID 15th Stop

Snake River

Burns, OR. 16th Stop

Prineville, OR

Sisters Mountains, Oregon

Prineville, OR waiting for better weather. 17th Stop

Roberts Field Redmond, OR. I left 2182 here few a days for weather only 110 miles to go

Mt. Jefferson, Oregon

Mt. Hood, Oregon

McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville Airport (MMV) Oregon